Theft is heartbreaking no matter who is the victim, but when robbers target the elderly, it’s even more sad. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a 91-year-old woman named Marie from Boynton Beach, Florida.

During a routine grocery trip to her nearby Publix, someone distracted Marie while another stole her wallet right out of her purse.

Thankfully, dedicated Boynton Beach police officers were there to make it all right again…

Facebook/Publix Careers

With a shopping cart full of groceries and a missing wallet, Marie was left without a way to pay for them. That’s when Officer Janelle Jumelles arrived on the scene and offered something amazing.

She walked over the store’s manager and asked if she could pay for the cart of groceries.

At first, the elderly woman protested.

“But it’s so expensive!”

Despite the woman’s hesitation, Officer Jumelles insisted on paying for the food! But the officer’s kindness didn’t end there.

Screenshot via Facebook

After Officer Jumelles dropped Marie off at her house and helped unload the groceries, she canceled her bank cards so the thieves couldn’t make any illegal charges.

Then, Officer Jumelles returned to the Publix with her coworker, Officer Evan Esteve, and bought Marie a grocery gift cards since the food stamps inside her wallet were stolen as well.

As soon as the officers handed over the gift card, Marie was overcome by emotions. She gave them both a big hug, and, with tears in her eyes, she thanked them.

“Thank you so much, God bless both of you.”

These officers didn’t have to do anything outside of their investigation, but they decided to go above and beyond for Marie.

Facebook/Boynton Beach Police Department

Watch the grocery store footage for yourself here!

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What Officer Janelle Jumelles did to help a 91-year-old woman after her wallet was stolen from Publix on Saturday afternoon epitomizes #bbpdpride. 💙

Gepostet von Boynton Beach Police Department am Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

Thankfully Marie had two incredible guardian angels to restore her faith in humanity.

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