Police officers are known for their bravery and strength and many go beyond the call of duty without being asked to do so!

That’s exactly what North Carolina State Trooper Rocky Deitz did on a recent call. Instead of letting an innocent animal pass away, Tropper Deitz stepped in and made sure the creature was safe from harm!

Now his actions are going viral and it’s easy to understand why….

It all began when the veteran trooper received a call about a motorcyclist colliding with a deer. Trooper Deitz rushed to the scene of the accident and saw an injured doe (who later passed away from its injuries) and a newborn fawn lying just feet away in a ditch.

The trauma of the accident caused the doe to give birth and, without a mother to care for it, the fawn was in immediate need!

Facebook/Sylva Herald

Without thinking twice, Trooper Deitz scooped the fawn up in a blanket and took it home! The caring trooper just wanted to make sure the fawn would be taken care of, as WBTV News reported.

“I had to do something with it to give it a fair chance.”

Now the fawn, which the Deitz family named Buckshot, is gaining its strength at their home before being turned over to a local wildlife rehabilitation center!

Facebook/Tiffany Glenn Deitz

Without the kind actions of Trooper Deitz, Buckshot probably wouldn’t have made it! His kindness and compassion for his job spills over into all life, whether human or animal and brings us all a smile. Thank you Officer for your big heart and bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

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