The Way You Sleep With Your Partner Might Reveal A Lot

#1 The way you sleep with your partner can indicate if your relationship is healthy or not.

Following are several of the most common sleep positions for couples, along with the meaning behind each one.


#2 Spooning couples are happy couples.

Both a tightly-locked spoon and a loose spoon suggest relationship health.


#3 When the bed is not shared equally.

The person who is taking up most of the space is just being selfish. The problem probably doesn’t begin and end in the bed, either. The person hogging space might also be inconsiderate during the waking hours.

#4  Sleeping in the nude helps you keep that spark sparkin’.

If you are sleeping nude with your partner, it’s a good sign. (This is also the sexiest way to sleep, so that’s a huge plus.)

image_url_1456892307 (2)

 #5 Measuring the space between your heads and the headboard.

Whoever sleeps with their head closest to the headboard is likely the dominant person in the relationship.

#6 Facing opposite directions.

While facing opposite might seem to lack intimacy at first glance, it actually suggests that the relationship is strong. This sleep position suggests that both people feel secure in their relationship.

#7 Bodies locked together all through the night may suggest codependency.


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