Your Sleeping Position Reveals How Good Your Relationship Is. Pretty Cool!

It turns out that looking at how you and your partner sleep together is just as significant, and can say a lot about your relationship.

Here are the top ten most common positions couples tend to form in bed, along with what each one means. Which of these sleeping positions do you and your partner fall under ??

#1 “The Spoon”

According to a study by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, only one fifth of all couples actually sleep while spooning. It signifies that one partner take a protective position over the other. According to Patti Wood, it also says “I trust you”.



#2 “The Loose Spoon”

Couples newly in love generally have the most physical contact in bed, but when the novelty begins to wear off and the relationship matures, partners gradually begin to ‘let go’.
According to researcher Paul Rosenblatt the ‘loose spoon’ is a typical sleeping position in relationships which have matured and where the couple prefers to have a bit more sleeping space.


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