20 Hilarious (And Totally Ridiculous) Reasons Why Kids Cry

The great thing about kids is that they put setting their own hair on fire and dropping their toys in the same spot on the “I should totally be crying about this” scale.

And no one addresses this weepy phenomenon more brilliantly than Reasons My Son Is Crying. Basically, the site hinges around parents submitting photos of their little ones sobbing for the dumbest reasons of all time.

From pacifiers in toaster ovens to doormats just waiting to be licked, here are 20 of the most insane things kids have ever cried about.

More info: Images: Facebook, H/T: Viralnova

20. He couldn’t get down.


19. She kept dropping her fork.


18. Mom’s legs were “the wrong way.”


17. He couldn’t keep it as a pet.


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