These WEIRD Incidents On The Sets Of The Horror Movies Are Creepy As Hell

How do you explain the strange mishaps that happen on the sets of a horror film? When atheists witness strange things happening in front of their eyes, while making a film about ghosts? When people start believing that their project is ‘cursed’? Let’s take a look at 7 accidents which happened on the sets of horror movies, which can’t be explained too well:

#1 The Exorcist

Movie set burst out in flames.

A part of the sets for The Exorcist went up in flames, and the whole Regan House had to be rebuilt, except Regan’s bedroom. The cast and crew were so freaked out with the accident, they called a real pastor to genuinely exorcise the house. Also, the actors playing Burke Dennings and Mrs Karras died right before the release of the film.15

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