11 Hilarious Texts You’ll Only Get From An Ex

I would like to suggest that most people won’t recognize this type of text but the sad truth is, most of us will. Which just goes to show, when matters of the heart are involved, us humans can become a mean old bunch. However, the cloud has a silver lining as these texts are hilarious.

#11 Plan B

“Oh well you should have said that right from the start and we could have avoided all this drama. I’m sorry baby, I didn’t realize she took a Plan B…” This guy needs a plan b as an alternative to the brain he is using now.


#10 Choke On A Burrito

Before I make a comment on this, I should ensure I make it quite clear that my involvement with psychology can be described as a “dabble” at best. However, does somebody here seem a little mentally unstable perhaps?


#9 Icy Waters

This guy made one last ditch effort. Whether it was because it was the truth or just because he wanted to get laid one last time, it was pretty full-on stuff. But ultimately, he got knocked back and so readopted the attitude that probably got him dumped in the first place.


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