Woman Takes Hilarious Solo Photos After Her Husband Misses Their Honeymoon

Honeymoon is something that a couple really looks forward to, and if the destination is Greece then it is the most romantic thing ever!
Only if you are not alone on your honeymoon! Which is what exactly happened with Huma Mobin who went on her honeymoon alone as her husband was denied Visa. Instead of canceling the trip, Huma decided to make the most of this all expenses paid trip!
Mobin from Pakistan was hesitant at first, but later her husband talked her into it and she decided to enjoy every bit of it, taking her in-laws with her! Even though she enjoyed the trip, she missed her ‘husband’ as it was their honeymoon and hence took every opportunity to remind him just how much she was missing him. you ask how! Well by posing for this series of amusingly-alone photographs. Isn’t she giving us so many goals already!?

The couple planned their second honeymoon to Greece, but unfortunately Huma Mobin’s husband wasn’t granted a visa in time

Via: Huma Mobin
Via: Huma Mobin

However, this didn’t stop Huma from including him in her photographs! Sort of…

Via: Huma Mobin
Via: Huma Mobin

She posted photographs of herself including her invisible husband to Facebook…

Via: Huma Mobin
Via: Huma Mobin

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