It Looks Like A Normal Ring, But This Is What It Means If You See A Woman Wearing It

#1 Meet Ekaterina Romanovskaya From Russia

As a woman, it becomes a daily affair- the heckling, lewd stares and catcalling. But what do you do when when something like that morphs into life endangering situation?

That what Ekaterina Romanovskaya or Katya for short had to go through.

Katya shared her story on Facebook. Of an attack that changed everything for her.

Katya was attacked in broad daylight by a man whose advances she had curbed earlier but the second time around pulled a knife on her. Katya says,” He slit my throat, cut open my stomach, and wanted to conclude this process of getting to know me by putting the blade through my heart. But each time he tried, my ribs and other bones got in the way.”


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