Dog Put Up For Adoption Was Supposed To Impress Future Owners With A Photoshoot, This Is The Result

While most posts of the adoptable pets at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) tend to get a fairly modest amount of likes and shares on social media channels, this pooch named Carpe Diem has recently stolen everyone’s hearts as his awkward pics were shared a few days ago by the rescue.

“Adopt Carpe Diem and you will OWN #MyWeirdDog,” said SFACC’s tweet that has already been reshared 757 times and liked by 1.7K animal lovers and it’s not difficult to see why. Just look at his face – derp overload! “He’s a Chihuahua – maybe a Chihuahua mix,” Deb Campbell, a rep for SFACC, told Bored Panda. “He’s a very silly little dog, not shivering like many little dogs. He is very expressive. He is always happy and upbeat and excited about everything he sees and everyone he meets. His name fits him perfectly, because he seizes every day!”

UPDATE: Carpe Diem has just been adopted!

More info: | Twitter | Facebook


Meet Carpe Diem, the stray whose adoption photo shoot has recently won Twitter


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