This Woman’s Boss Told Her Headscarf Was ‘Unprofessional’ So She Went To Work In Cosplay

When June J Rivas’s boss told her that her dress code was unprofessional, she didn’t realize the can of worms she was opening.

“So my boss didn’t like me wearing my hair in a ponytail everyday,” she wrote on Facebook. “Nor my hair in a scarf. “Unprofessional”. Nor my hair in pigtails. “Unprofessional”. So I filed a harassment complaint against her as our contract states “no dress code. just be clean and pressed”.” Her boss countered by devising a new dress code that outlawed all of the above plus a number of other items including straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, “and even (and I quote) “cultural head wraps”.” The new rules however said nothing about Cosplay, so after reporting her boss to the EEOC (Equal Opportunities Employment Commission), Rivas decided to have a little fun. See for yourself below.

More info: Facebook (h/t)


This is the ‘unprofessional’ outfit that June’s boss had a problem with


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