Mom Gets Paid 16 Million Because A Nurse Shoved The Baby Back Inside During Birth!

#3 Early

The problem arose because the baby came a little early, and Caroline’s doctor was not on call. So, absurd as it may seem, the nurses tried to stop her from pushing. Then they made her lie down, which was not the position she had chose to give birth in, and somehow, one of the nurses pushed the baby back into her vagina. That lasted for 6 minutes.

via: cosmopolitan
via: cosmopolitan

#4 Pudendal Neuralgia

One minute after the doctor arrived, the baby was born. Fortunately, he was alright. But Caroliine was not. She suffers from pudendal neuralgia, which is nerve damage in the genital region. She refers that the pain is worse than labor. And that the condition has killed her sex life.

via: cosmopolitan
via: cosmopolitan

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