12 People Who Will Deeply Regret Getting These AWFUL Haircuts

We all know what it feels like to have a bad hair day, don’t we? It puts us in a terrible mood for the whole day and no matter how we try to groom our mane, it just seems to be totally out of control!  Then there are these twelve haircuts that are so awful you wonder exactly what it was they did to offend their hairdresser so much.

But these are people who actually ASKED for these haircuts, it seems they wanted a bad hair day everyday!

Prepare to laugh, prepare to have your eyes offended, and prepare to be thankful of your hair style, regardless of whether you are having a bad hair day or not!

1. The “raw mince”


2. The “Minecraft”


3. The “Tutankhamun death mask”


4. The “glad he’s a dentist not a hairdresser”


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