When His Customer Ordered A Water, He Wasn’t Expecting A $500 Tip

#1 Kasey Simmons

Kasey Simmons was working at Applebees in Texas, when he received a $500 tip. “I thought, ‘This has got to be a joke. There’s no way. Then, I read that letter and I’m thinking, ‘This $500 tip is for real, dude!'”


#2 Earlier

Earlier that day he noticed a sad woman in Krogers and paid for her $17 bill. ‘I noticed there was a lady standing in front of me,” he said. “It looked like she had been crying because once in a while she’d glance over to me. I go up to her and say, ‘It’s not raining inside. There’s no reason to look so down. I’m sure you have a beautiful smile because you are a beautiful lady.’ It looked like she had a bad day. She kind of shut me down a little bit. I wanted to make her at least grin a little bit and it wasn’t happening.”


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