British Olympic Athletes All Have The Same Bag And Nobody Knows Whose Is Whose

Team GB may have returned from Rio with a record haul of Olympic medals, but unknown to them, one last challenge awaited them when they landed at Heathrow – trying to find their luggage. Because somebody decided to give all the athletes the same red bags, and as you can see, trying to figure out whose was whose was an Olympic event in itself.

“Having lots of fun,” wrote British gymnast Becky Downie in a video she uploaded to Twitter. “Spot your bag.” Other athletes also chipped in, with rower Alex Gregory tweeting “Anyone seen my red bag?” and silver medal windsurfer Nick Dempsey adding “mine’s the red one!!” Whoever was responsible for providing the luggage won’t be winning any medals…

More info: Twitter


Team GB returned from the Rio Olympics to face their biggest challenge


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