Heartbreaking Story Of Bothers Battling The Same Genetic Disorder

#1 Identical Twins

These are 31-year-old identical twins Adam and Neil Pearson. They suffer from type 1 neurofibromatosis. When they were small, they were so alike that their mother would mix them up.
They grew up in Croydon, south London. They live there with their parents Marilyn, 66, and Patrick, 63.


#2 Tumors

Adam’s face has been disfigured by non-cancerous tumors that began growing uncontrollably when he was 5.
He underwent 33 operations to remove them, in spite of which he has been left blind in one eye. And as tumors grow, he is losing sight from the other eye.
He was bullied at school. called ‘quasimodo’ and ‘scarface’. In an interview, he said: ‘No matter what mindset you’re in, if you’re bullied at school, nothing makes it easy. You’ve got a lot going on anyway, your hormones are going crazy and you’re trying to get your education sorted, whilst trying to find where you fit in in this crazy, crazy world.
‘For me having a disfigurement just compounded that.’


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