Little-Known Ways To Use Borax To Clean And So Much More!

We’ve all heard about using baking soda, lemons and lots of other handy household items for lots of different things and the more we learn about homemade cleaners and DIY solutions, the more it’s become clear that there’s one item that more than deserves to join those fabulous cost effective products: Borax! This mineral – also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate – can do SO Much, and we had no idea! What about you?

Here are some super duper things you can use BORAX for…

1.Cleaning Baseball Caps

Yep pop some borax and your caps in the dishwasher and watch them come out fresh, clean and in perfect shape.


2. Save Violin Strings

Instead of rehairing the strings of your violin or other string instruments, use a dampened toothbrush and Borax to gently wipe away any built-up gumming or rosin


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