The Story Behind Delaware’s Most Haunted House Is Beyond Terrifying

#1 Woodburn Mansion in the 1950s, shortly before the State of Delaware purchased it.

Prior to being the “Governor’s House,” this haunted place in Delaware was home to senators, politicians, wealthy farmers, doctors and other members of Delaware’s elite class. Nearly every resident has reported hearing or seeing one of the Mansion’s many ghosts.


#2 The property is adorned with crepe myrtles, boxwoods and large poplar trees.

These large trees loom over the property, giving visitors a sense of dread. The feeling makes sense when you find out that one of the ghosts of Woodburn Mansion is a southern slave raider who died hanging from a tree that still stands. When Dan Cowgill, a Quaker man, owned Woodburn, it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. One night, a group of slave raiders came to the mansion, and as Mr. Cowgill chased them away, one attempted to escape by climbing the large poplar tree in the front yard. He slipped, unnoticed, and got caught in a knot in the tree, where he hanged until his death. To this day, you can still hear screams and shackles, as this evil man must relive his death frequently, as his own personal hell.


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