14 Of The Funniest Sexting Fails You Will Ever Read

Since cell phones were invented, people have been indulging in a not-so-romantic way of communicating. ‘Sexting’ people (or sending naughty text messages) is something that many of us have thought of doing. I have to admit that I am simply not brave enough to give it a go for myself, but I know that many people do. Sometimes, it can go oh-so-wrong. Here are 14 of the biggest sexting fails ever.

1. This ‘dirty’ picture

To be fair, this is probably what I would do. I am by no means a domestic goddess and so the main dirty things around my home are my dishes. This made me laugh so much!


2. Wrong number….

Well, I bet this guy felt kind of silly. If you’re going to send half-naked photos of yourself to someone, the least you could do is make sure that you have the right number.


3. Wrong number… again!

It seems that a lot of people get seriously confused when it comes to sending pictures to people. They should really be more careful about things.


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