9 Of The Most Annoying Internet Braggers Who Need To Stop!


Bragging on the internet is an awkward thing to do, and yet it’s something that we’ve all been guilty of in the past. From talking about how great we look today to telling everyone what a truly wonderful time we’re having with our besties, there are many ways to brag. Most of the time, people just do this for attention. They want the world to know that they are doing just fine… Even if that’s not how they feel on the inside. Still, whatever their motives, people who brag online and just plain annoying. Here are nine that really need to stop… like now.

1. This modest brag

I’ve got a feeling that this girl is not moaning about finding clothes at all. I think that maybe… just maybe… she wanted to tell the world how well endowed she was. I mean, we all know that clothes shopping can be hard for the best of us, but this is just plain ridiculous.


2. “I’m friends with models!”

This person probably didn’t even get their email hacked. Oh no, it’s way more likely that he just wanted to tell the world that he is friends with famous actresses and models. Just in case we didn’t know, this guy has famous friends, guys… Okay?! This guy is just desperate to let us all know how great he is. I hope this worked.



Jim Beaver wants everyone to remember that he is a famous actor. He just doesn’t want the world to forget that he was in Deadwood and Justified. Does anyone else think that this story may be a bit made up? I mean, this stuff does not really happen, right?


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