This Has To Be The Stupidest Facebook Share Hoax Ever. Did YOU Fall For It?

Since the dawn of Facebook’s existence, people have been doing some pretty weird things online. From celebrating their new found relationships to playing Candy Crush like it’s going out of fashion, there are many ways in which people use this site.

One of the annoying trends that you’ve probably noticed is people sharing things because they think that it will do something to their accounts.


For example, some people have shared posts because they think all their messages will be made public if they don’t… Now, that is just silly!One of the latest, silliest shares has to be this one… It involves a certain Mark Zuckerberg and was 100% not a real thing!
The first thing that started circulating was a post where one guy messaged Mark personally and asked him what it would possibly take for him to remove Donald Trump from Facebook!

Here is the post:


While you might think that Mark is busy, you know, running a multi-billion dollar company, he supposedly replied.Of course, there is no way that this is real at all… and yet many people were sharing it on their Facebook page. But wait, there’s more!

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