15 Classic 90s Toys That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Nostalgic 90s toys from your childhood, that will take you back in time.

1. Super Soaker

This was THE water gun of the 90s. This was from a time where playing with fake guns of the water variety was encouraged, and if you didn’t have one of these, you were SOAKED.


2. Moonshoes

Have you ever been to the moon? Me neither, but I have used these fucking things, so I’ve been closer to the moon than all these Millennials.


3. Power Wheels

Not many kids had these, and if you lived on a big hill, good luck, but those few spoiled brats that had one, knew it was the shit! These things took playing outside with your friends to the next level, my neighbor had the fire truck one, we put out so many infernos on that thing.


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