15 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs In The World

With the rise of poverty around certain nations, these vicious gangs were started for protection in numbers and respect in the neighborhood.


Otherwise known as the American Mafia, Cosa Nostra is an extension of the Sicilian Mafia. Highly organized, but extremely violent, Cosa Nostra engages in acts of murder, drug trafficking, loan sharking, and other crimes.



Los Zetas is one of the most powerful drug organizations on the globe. According to the U.S. government, Los Zetas is “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, vicious, ruthlessly violent and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.”



The Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist gang that requires you to kill or assault a fellow prisoner if you want a chance at joining. It’s a gang that you’re in for life- if you try to leave, you either end up in a hospital or in a coffin. The gang is so violent that it is responsible for approximately 1/4 of American prison murders.


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