10 Signs Your Friend is Texting You While High

Here are some tell-tale signs that your friend is messaging you while blazed.

#1 High Friends

Those of us who get high also have friends who get high. It’s just the nature of the game. When you’re texting your high friend, sometimes you’re unsure if they’re high or if they’re just bugging out. Here are the signs you need to look for so you can be sure!


#2 Reminisce Fest

If your friend isn’t your ex, the reminiscing JUST for the sake of reminiscing could very well be fueled by the sweet, sweet THC.


#3 Film Fails

While it may be hilarious in the moment, it’s likely only hilarious if you’re also high. Otherwise, a message about a face-swap with Mr. Peanut is the dumbest thing ever to interrupt your family dinner.


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