15 People Who Just Think Differently From Us

Being different is good! So let’s embrace it.

Sometimes people just do things a little differently than us. If you live in a big town or even a city, this is something you’ll quickly become accustomed too, especially after you see something strange happen on an almost daily basis.

For example, you’ve more than likely seen at least one person walk around town, in the dead of winter, wearing shorts, or worse, a onesie. It’s strange to see, but honestly, it’s not that weird. Maybe they have a higher body temperature than anyone else? Maybe it’s warmer that way? Who knows, but it’s really not our place to judge or say anything.

Being different is good! So let’s embrace it. Here are 15 people who just think in different ways to us.

1. He’s Right…

He’s right, though, his way still worked.


2. Sinking Boat?

It’s not sinking, it’s just floating. This isn’t a terrible idea. But it does make boat parties a lot harder.


3. Inventive Future Employee?

Admit it, you wish you had thought of this idea. It’s clever and it certainly gets your name out there.


4. A Tale Of Two Valentines

This picture says a lot about two very different people.


5. Thanks Mom

Sometimes we need to let our mom know how much we appreciate her, even if they were never our moms in the first place. Admit it, it’s a touching message.


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