Here’s The Real Reason You Have An Innie Or An Outie Belly Button

Belly buttons are weird looking things aren’t they? Like SO weird! Totally random holes in our body that show where our umbilical cord was cut at birth? Freaky!

Here’s The Real Reason You Have An Innie Or An Outie Belly Button

Your belly button comes from the severing of the umbilical cord, which generally takes places just moments after birth.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-59-53-am

Many people think the shape is determined by how close the cord is cut, but that doesn’t actually make any difference.

It’s actually the result of how the scar tissue forms days after the cord is cut, as the remaining cord, eventually dries and falls off.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-00-00-am

Outies just have a little bit more scar tissue. There’s not much that can be done naturally to change this process, so don’t have any regret if you’re not rocking the most beautiful belly button.

However, there is also something else that can give belly buttons their shape, though this is more of a temporary thing.bully-button-feature-resize-685x358

It’s called an umbilical hernia, and although it sounds completely terrible, it’s not as bad as it sounds.


If a baby’s stomach muscles haven’t fused in time, it’s possible that stomach tissue can peak through the muscle fiber, just like with any other hernias.

This makes for a lumpy outie like you see here. It can even poke out when a baby cries and flexes its muscles. FREAKY – but


It normally resolves itself within a year, but if it’s not done by about age 4, normally a simple surgical procedure will fix it.

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