Ellen Degeneres Comforted By Robert DeNiro After Receiving Medal Of Freedom

Ellen was in tears after receiving the medal of freedom. But Robert DeNir

#1 Tears Ran Down Her Face

Tears ran down Ellen’s face as she was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom in an emotional award ceremony recently on Tuesday. A soon as Barack Obama put the medal around her neck, she broke down, sobbing. Actor Robert DeNiro, also received the same award, and was there to console her as she wept.


#2 A Hug At The Best Moment

As an actor, Robert DeNiro knows the value of good timing, but never was there a better time for such a kind act. He was there to hug the 58-year-old comedienne as she was crying tears of joy.


#3 Kiss On The Forehead

In one of the sweetest moments ever caught on camera, Robert DeNiro leaned forward and planted a kiss on Ellen’s forehead. This much-celebrated actor really outdid himself on this night.


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