Mom’s Response To Haters Who Criticized Daughter’s Hair Is Brutally On Point.

Just live and let live folks.

Hairstyles play an important role in your look and people adopt different styles based on their taste. It could be a hairstyle of their favourite celebrity, or someone’s recommendation, or can be some personal preferences. While most of the people play safe and stick to their safest option, there are some adventure loving people who enjoy experimenting.

People follow latest insane and even weird hair trends and get themselves most wierd hairstyles like pastel hair colors, side cuts, etc. These hairstyles involve certain risks as it might or might not suit you. But there are some brave hearted people who just love taking risks.

Its mostly the adults who are seen flaunting some weird hair trends. But a 6-year-old little girl from Florida who got herself a crazy and unusual hairstyle  and took the internet by storm. A mother, understood her daughter’s wish, by dyeing the girl’s hair in beautiful ‘teal’ unicorn hues with yellow and purple patches. Unfortunately, it was not taken in good spirits on the social media.

The 6-year-old just wanted a unique hairstyle.

Lyra, a 6-year-old girl, asked her mother to fulfill her unusual wish. She wanted a funky unicorn inspired look with a cutting-edge undercut and convinced her mother to give her such a hairstyle.

marythomaston / Instagram
marythomaston / Instagram

Lyra’s mother was her hairstylist fairy Godmother.

Mary Thomaston is a professional hair stylist and colorist from Panama City Beach, Florida. Apart from being a loving mom, she specializes in mermaid, rainbow and magical unicorn hair dye techniques. So for 6 year old Lyra, having a professional at home, was a blessing to fulfill her dream.

marythomaston / Instagram
marythomaston / Instagram

Lyra as persistent as a 6 year old can be.

At first Mary was quite hesitant and even tried her best to change her daughter’s mind about getting the look. But Lyra was adamant about the decision to don the look and had set her mind.

marythomaston / Instagram
marythomaston / Instagram

Even if it were to happen, school permission was needed.

Mary agreed to give her the look, but on one condition. She needed to get permission from her school before getting the hairstyle. So being a responsible mother she asked the school authorities and went ahead when they approved

marythomaston / Instagram
marythomaston / Instagram

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