15 Of The Worst People To Walk Through The Doors Of Walmart

These guys had me running out of the store…

Walmart is great for bargains. If we are on a budget, it’s our first call for groceries. But what we have realised recently, is that Walmart brings much more to the table than discounted goods.

It attracts an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures that make us hide down the freezer aisle.

Take a look at the 15 strangest people we have ever seen to grace the doors of Walmart.

1. Xena: Walmart Princess.

Okay, what a way to begin ey? I wonder if this person always dresses like this or was connected in some way to a fancy dress party? If they always dress like this, I feel sorry for their friends and family.


2. Can’t wait for that attitude to fully download.

That being said, I’d rather those jeans fully download instead.  Even for jean shorts, which I’ve never understood, these are a pretty weird length. Not quite long enough, not quite short enough.


3. Honey Boo Boo, is that you?

In all seriousness though, I wonder what kind of adult she’s going to look like when she grows up. With all of the damage I imagine her mother and those pageants have had on her psyche, she’ll look something similar to this for sure.


4. Flaming hot.

This guy knows what he wants to look like, what image he wants to give off to other people, and has dressed accordingly. If anything, you’ve got to give him some props for this outfit. Flame on!


5. She’s a regular irregular

This actually look like an older version of Amy “Bingo” Bingaman, like a much older version, wearing what she wants despite her age and keeping it real. Look her up and follow Doug Stanehope too. They deserve your attention.


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