Mom Saves Kids from Fire By Pushing Them Out Front Door—Then Has to Close Herself in with Flames

“She had to shut the door and she couldn’t find the door when she came back out…”

#1 Burning Home

Seeing your home engulfed by flames is no easy sight for a homeowner. To make matters worse, when you notice that your family and children are inside crying for help it can be gut wrenching at every level This is a story of extraordinary courage…


#2 Angel’s Home

The mother of this house is Angel Fiorini. In the middle of the night, she noticed that her home was ablaze when she started coughing due to the smoke. Naturally, her mommy-instincts led her to her children’s rooms where she grabbed her 1.5 year old and 3-year-old.


#3 Heroic Act

After she grabbed those tiny children, she led them outside of the home and closed the door on them to make sure that they wouldn’t go back in. She rushed back inside to find her 7-year-old daughter. That means she went head-first into the flames!


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