16 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Are Totally Nailing It

Taking pregnancy announcements to the next level.

Once upon a time, people sent out Hallmark cards to let the world know they were expecting. However, pregnancy announcements are evolving; they’re getting creative—they’re even including celebrity cameos! Here are 16 rad couples that are definitely stepping up their game when it comes to pregnancy announcements.

#1 If creativity isn’t your strong suit… you can always have Will Smith announce your pregnancy for you!

via: lols.me

#2 Sacrifices must be made!

via: lols.me

#3 Apparently, celebrity cameos are quite popular.

via: lols.me

#4 Product placement at its finest!

via: lols.me

#5 This one is hilarious! The pizza and icing is a nice (but gross) touch.

via: lols.me

#6 I’m guessing that attempting to put on a diaper for the first time is probably quite similar to assembling a Swedish storage cabinet.

via: lols.me

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