19 Photos That Will Definitely Make You Double Take

These 19 photos are totally unsafe for people who have dirty minds.

Our minds are amazing things, they’re constantly working and they process so much information at once. It’s no wonder our minds misread information, like when we see something in a picture. Something completely different from how it actually is. It’s confusing when it happens, but we can’t help but find it funny. Especially when see what the picture actually is, opposed to what we thought it originally was.

Just be warned, dirty minded people will see certain things in these images. So, maybe don’t read this at work or anywhere where it may be taken the wrong way.

#1 It’s Only Her Knees!

See, nothing suspicious, only a pair of big beautiful knees.

via: lols

#2 Nature At It’s Finest

See it’s only a crack in a stone cliff, and you thought it was a vagina.

via: lols

#3 Lets Get Physical

That looks really comfy to sit in. Anyone fancy getting a bit of extra exercise?

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#4 What A Big Toe You Have

Sometimes there is no better way to spend the night then by playing a couple of games on your X Box and your big toe out.

#5 That’s Not How You Sit

That doesn’t look very comfortable!

via: lols

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