Miracle Baby Wakes From Coma Moments Before Doctors Nearly Turn Off Life Support

Her parents fought to keep her alive, and her doctors

#1 Marwa’s Parents Refused To Give Up On Her.

In September, Marwa caught a virus that damaged her neurological functions, and had to be kept on life support in an induced coma. Some time later, doctors told her parents that the only thing keeping Marwa alive was “aggressive therapy,” and started the push to unplug.

via: looneylane

#2 “Not Without My Marwa.”

Against the doctors wishes, Marwa’s parents started a petition on Facebook called “Not Without My Marwa” to keep their daughter’s life support machine running for two more months. The petition received 70,000 signatures, and Marwa’s parents used it to gain leverage in a court battle. Doctors continued to fight to unplug Marwa’s support.

via: looneylane

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