Old Man Sells Wood Every Day to Pay Wife’s Medical Bills, Then Neighbor Learns She Already DIED!

This elderly man sells wood to pay for his

#1 Gulfport, Mississippi

Driving down her Gulfport, MS neighborhood, Jessica Pittman noticed something peculiar. She saw this old man trying to sell wood outside of his SUV and she inquired what he was up to. After striking up a conversation, she found out that the guy was Kenneth Smith and he was accompanied by his wife, Helen.

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#2 Meet Kenneth

The reason they were selling wood was to help pay for Helen’s medical bills that have been sky high due to her lung cancer treatments. Kenneth, being the great husband, cut and bagged wood from his backyard and was only selling his product for $5.

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#3 1 Year Later

The next year, when Jessica saw him again, she learned that Kenneth was STILL out there selling his wood. As it turns out, however, Helen passed away, yet he was still trying to sell wood for the same reason: bills. Compelled to do something about it, Jessica went onto Facebook to see if she could help the man out.

via: looneylane

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