13 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Outside

Takes all kinds!

People are very weird. Anyone who has been out in public would know this.

There is always someone doing something super strange that makes you feel like you should have probably stayed home.

Sometimes, I feel as though certain people should not be allowed to leave their homes and interact with the public.

It would be better that way for everyone involved.

At least, it may have been in these 13 cases.

#1 Put a shirt on, man. Jeez.

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#2 No one wants to listen to your phone conversation!

Also, if the woman in front can’t handle the heat, she shouldn’t have gone to Walmart.

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#3 The monster that did this in the grocery store.

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#4 It is always interesting to me when people feel the need to point out the obvious.

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#5 This is not a safe workplace practice! Who holds a chainsaw like that?! Seriously.

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#6 No one should wear Crocs.

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#7 Is that kid like a condiments vampire?

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