16 Weird Things You’ll Only See At Walmart

We’ve come a long way since the days of top hats, suits and spit-shine shoes.

We live in this weird paradox where, on one hand, people are striving to make their online-selves seem as cool and chic as possible, yet those same people simultaneously forget to shower for three days and go shopping at the local Walmart with unclipped toenails and their ass-crack hanging out.

The paradox is so incredibly strange, there’s a website dedicated exclusively to photo capturing the unique, seemingly helpless people that visit this strange giant cube of low cost and even lower self-esteem we call Walmart.

I’ve gone through great lengths to bring you the bourgeoisie, the creme-de-la-creme of the Walmart aristocracy of freaks and misfits and I don’t doubt you will be impressed by the extravagance they display in their depravity.

Have fun judging, folks. But remember: You’re a bad breakup, a lost job and a bottle of vodka away from being featured in this article. Beware.

#1 Even Bronies feel out of place in Walmart…well…maybe they don’t

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#2 Wall-E wasn’t an instruction manual.

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#3 Hilarious reasons for returning merchandise: Walmart edition

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#4 When you have to make a quick stop at Walmart on the way home from work.

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#5 The face of a proud, proud young man.

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#6 It’s strange enough to travel somewhere with a pig, but to then put the pig in a mobile pen and wheel it through Walmart…strange isn’t the right word for that.

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