18 Selfies That Captured WAY Too Much Information.


The moment you walk out of the house, you’re bound to run into people snapping selfies of themselves. Who knows? You might be among them, and it’s not surprising at all given the rising popularity of social media. Now we all know that selfies are a lot of fun to take, but sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Someone or something can get in the way or you took a selfie and inadvertently snapped yourself in a way that can be totally embarrassing. Here are some folks who got caught in the act when they took these awkward selfies.

#1. Face it! Most guys are all the same, no matter what species they are.

All it takes is a little gust of wind to lift a hot girl’s skirt up and they all become kinky little monkeys.

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#2. Some people are shameless when they’re taking selfies by the pool.

This woman didn’t care if anyone else saw what she was doing. She just wanted to take the ultimate snatch shot to send to her man.

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#3. As if Samir Ait Said’s leg snapping as he landed during the 2016 Olympics wasn’t bad enough, you get this.

A gymnast leaned a little too far back, which made her look like a headless gymnast just prancing around.

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#4. Now this is the kind of selfie that will embarrass dads everywhere, but turn men on.

If college doesn’t pan out, she can always join the circus as a hot dog catching fury.

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#5. Uh, Oh! Mrs. Claus is coming in for a rough landing!

And this is why Santa’s the one that rides the sleigh every Christmas!

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