9 Child Stars You Never Thought Would Grow Up To Be This Super Attractive, #7 Is Become A Real Hottie

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We saw in Harry Potter series, how nerdy looking child actors have grown into stunning and graceful adults. Something similar happens with many Disney child characters also. All the child characters from our favorite childhood movie have been grown up now. Now they have own budget and some of them doing great with their life.

As the time passes, we forget how these child stars looked away back when, because most of them have turned into gorgeous, stunning adults. Most of them established a place for themselves in Hollywood and become a style icon for our new generation. Growing up in limelight was not an easy task, but really helped these kids to grow gracefully. Here is a list of 9 child actors who grew to be gorgeous.

#1 Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin made her big screen debut as Mel Gibson’s adorable child in “Miss Little Sunshine.” She stole the heart of her viewers because being adorable and with her infectious positivity. She played the role of slightly overweight young girl who wanted to win a pageant. At that time nobody knows that she could really become a real life beauty.

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#2 Michelle Trachtenberg

How many of you have recognized her? Yes, she is the lady from “Eurotrip”, but she is also known for her turn in “Harriet The Spy.” Later she turn her nerdy looks into $exy for her role in “Eurotrip” and for “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

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#3 Georgie Henley

At the age of 10, she was chosen to play the little Lucy in “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. At that time she was cute, but now, she is gorgeous and has a infectious smile, beautiful eyes and adorable English accent.

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