Disturbing Cartoons That Make You Think About Things You’d Rather Ignore.

By artist Luis Quiles

Society is at a crossroad. Do you take advantage of all the advancement in technology to make this world a better place or do you use it to get as many likes and followers? It is a difficult pill to swallow when we focus our attention on celebrities who are known for their sexy poses rather than give attention to real issues affecting people both locally and internationally.

Today, information is at our fingertips but rather than use it to enlighten the mind and soul, many people use technology to reinforce ideas, beliefs, and actions that are harmful to vulnerable groups.

Spanish artist Luis Quiles uses his skills to illustrate homophobia, sexism, child exploitation, and violence, along with other uncomfortable topics. For Quiles bringing consciousness through his art is part of who he is. He believes bringing awareness to social issues goes beyond his role of being an artist.

#1 Quiles says he is not against technology he just does not understand himself in it.

“We should seriously ask ourselves if we are controlling technology or technology is controlling us,” warns Quiles.

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#2 Quiles has published two books; Revolutionary Road and Riots.

He points out the child abuse behind using children in war.

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#3 Quiles named this piece Censure Killed the Meaning of Art.

He explains that without freedom of expression there is no art.

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#4 Quiles spends time researching a topic before drawing it on paper.

A contrast between the video game Bomberbam carrying bombs for play and the reality of the casualties of war. More often than not, children are the biggest victims of war.

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#5 Tiny Winky from the Teletubbies created controversy when he sported a red purse.

Parent and religious groups have wanted to get rid of Tiny Winky since the so-called controversy began in 1999. Many see it as just another display of homophobia.

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