Police Set Up A Camera To Find A Mountain Lion… Then Things Got Weird.

WTF is happening at this park?

The Gardner police decided to set up a few cameras after locals reported seeing a mountain lion in Gardner Park, Kansas. What they ended up catching on camera, however, was a great surprise. In fact, there were a lot of unidentified creatures — the type of creatures that’ll make you never want to visit Kansas.

Check out the photos below to see what we mean. You won’t believe what you’ll see. Most importantly, the police did not see any mountain lions but what they did see have us all very concerned.


Here is the Facebook post the police in Gardner, Kansas put up announcing that they would be setting up cameras after people had claimed seeing a mountain lion in a national park.

via: lifebuzz


When the police reviewed the footage, they found all sorts of wildlife!Like this skunk for instance.

via: lifebuzz


Then a wild coyote appeared.

via: lifebuzz


But it doesn’t stop there. A little raccoon suddenly made an appearance.

via: lifebuzz


There was, however, no sign of a mountain lion. And the police were happy to announce it.

via: lifebuzz

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