20 Couple Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad You’ll Cringe Out Loud.

Think before you ink.

Tattoos are permanent, no matter what you think. Sure, you can get tattoo removal surgery but it’ll still give you a scar that will last forever. This is why it is important to be 100% sure of a tattoo before getting it.

Many of the tattoos people end up regretting are the ones they got in dedication to a boyfriend or girlfriend. These tattoos are tricky as you never know if your relationship will last to the end. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce so it’s not something you can easily predict.

But do you know what’s even worse than regretting a tattoo that was based on someone that’s no longer in your life: regretting a BAD tattoo that was based on someone that’s no longer in your life.

Here’s some that we’ve collected below to stand as examples of what NOT to get tattooed.

#1. The type of matching tattoo you can only get when you’re in a super serious guaranteed forever relationship.

Otherwise you’re screwed when you break up.

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#2. So when you’re apart each hand says “olae” and “sumt”?

Did you guys really think this through?

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#3. This definitely isn’t beautiful and I’m pretty sure it hurt at least a little.

This is a very contradicting tattoo to get.

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#4. The most I’ve ever been turned off by a Harry Potter tattoo.

No joke, this couple has ruined Harry Potter for me.

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#5. Is that herpes on your necks?!

Oh nevermind, it’s just a tattoo of herpes, that’s fine.

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