Meet the ‘Stingray Queen’: Stunning model kisses and cuddles deadly stingrays naked underwater – but they never attack ‘because she is their leader’

It’s risky, but sexy.

Over the course of life we have all come across those that have different kinds of hobbies. However, none of us have come across someone like Rava Ray. The 27-year-old Tahitian model is known as the “Stingray Queen” because she likes to hang out with them underwater…totally naked!

Ray kisses and cuddles with the potentially deadly stingrays and takes awesome photographs to share her experiences with the world. She only trusts a few photographers to take the pictures that she wants captured and when you look at the upcoming photos you will see that she makes the right choice every time.

Not only is Ray a beautiful woman but the pictures that she shares on her Instagram account are truly amazing. Stunning would be a more appropriate word. It’s incredible how she can swim around naked with these dangerous creatures and be completely comfortable. She said that she has only been bitten one time and it was by accident.

She says that even though she feels safe swimming with the stingrays, she does have a safety protocol in place and she always makes sure there is a hospital nearby. Take a look at some of these stunning photographs and you too will be amazed at the beauty you will see. And I’m not talking about just her!

#1 They don’t seem to mind her presence.

Rava Ray is a model that swims naked with the stingrays. She says that she holds them “dearest to her heart”.


#2 Her interaction with these dangerous creatures is amazing!

She cuddles with and kisses them to create some amazing pictures. She said they don’t attack her “because she is their leader”. OK while what she does is amazing that comment is a little out there.

via: ravaray

#3 Ray started swimming with those living in the water at a young age.

She grew up on a small island in the South Pacific called Mo’orea. She said she learned to share the water with dolphins, whales, sharks and stingrays at a young age.


#4 She wants the world to know they don’t have to be afraid.

Ray said “If I could help them (the public) change their perspective, I’d tell them to go experience the creatures themselves instead of relying on the things they’ve heard or seen in the movies.” More photographs like this one might do the trick!


#5 Ray sheds her bikini to avoid branding.

During her dives she doesn’t want to represent any brand. So the bikini stays on the beach and she does the photo shoots in the nude.

via: ravaray

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