Nurses Share Heartbreaking Stories Of What Really Happens To Babies Who Survive Abortions

Atrocities, permitted by our society.

#1 A nurse named Kathleen Malloy is from Jacksonville, FL and witnessed a baby survive a saline abortion

She saw a bassinet outside the room where aborted fetuses were, and it was crying. “There was a child in the bassinet-a crying, completely formed child-…she had been scalded. She was the kid of a saline abortion.”

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#2 She asked around to other hospital workers for how to deal with a living fetus

According to her one other hospital worker said that they put the fetus in a bucket and put the lid on, causing it to suffocate to death.

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#3 The Nurse goes on to further describe the little girl who survived a saline abortion

She said the baby looked like it had been left under boiling water and said that she was somewhat ashamed that doctors and nurses had just let the fetus die in pain.

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