After Officer Killed On Duty, Son Receives Teddy Bears Made From His Dad’s Uniform

2-year-old Malachi Snyder’s teddy bears aren’t just ordinary toys, because they’re made from the uniforms of his policeman father who was tragically killed two months ago while on duty in St. Louis, Missouri.

#1 Malachi

This beautiful toddler is Malachi, the son of Blake and Elizabeth Snyder from St. Louis. He’s only two-years-old. And he has already lost his father.

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#2 Officer Snyder

This was Malachi’s father, Blake. He was a Police Officer. Unfortunately, he was fatally shot at close range by 18-year-old Trenton Forster after responding to a disturbance call on October 6th, 2016.

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#3 The Family

This beautiful family has been shattered by disgrace. Malachi’s mom is so sad she still hasn’t been able to explain what happened to the toddler.

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