People Reveal What Actually Happens When You Win a Lifetime Supply Of Something

At some point in your life, you probably have fantasized about winning a lifetime supply of something

#1 $200, Not Too Shabby

“A friend of mine won lifetime Sonic on a radio contest. Every month he gets a Sonic gift card for $200 and he takes everyone up there for a free meal and spends the rest buying random peoples’ meals.”

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#2 Lifetime Supply of Milkshakes

“In college I frequented a specific Jack in the Box that was walking distance from campus. I’d occasionally talk with the manager, who was a pretty cool guy and one of only a few people I knew who were into the world cup. One day he says “you want a lifetime supply of milkshakes?” I thought he was joking so I was like “sure.” And he handed me a huge stack of free milkshake coupons. Not so much a contest, but i guess I won the prize for friendliness.”

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#3 One Knife for Life

“Won a lifetime supply of knives. I guessed correctly how many sheets of paper the knife could stab through. After I broke the first two, I was told my third was my last one. Apparently the knives were supposed to last a lifetime.”

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