9 Ordinary Things Your Body Does Every Day That Save Your Life.

Here are nine defense mechanisms and functions that your body is equipped with

The human body can be an incredibly mysterious and complex system. Even the best physicians and researchers are presented with new challenges every day. However, these experts do know something that many of us take for granted: our bodies have natural barriers that protect us against organisms that can cause infection and improve our health.

When looking at it this way, one might say that we were built to be our own superheroes. A healthy human body makes for a marvelous survival machine, one that works in our favor even before we are born.

As fetuses, our defense system consists of toll-like receptors, or TLRs. These receptors operate like an alarm, alerting other immune cells to act against harmful ones, writes Dr. Michael Roizen, MD on Sharecare.com. Work is being done, whether or not we see it.

Here are nine defense mechanisms and functions that your body is equipped with today.

#1 Yawning might be a way of cooling down the brain.

There’s a hypothesis that yawning may be a way for the brain to cool off, reports The New York Times.

In one study involving 160 people, researchers found that people who spent more time outside in warm temperatures are less likely to yawn. Another study in 2007 revealed that using cold packs nearly eliminated contagious yawning.

Who knew that this way of inhaling could be a thermoregulatory mechanism?


#2 When you sneeze, you are clearing your nose of bacteria and viruses.

What starts as a tickling sensation in the nose and quickly turns into a violent expulsion is actually our body’s natural defense mechanism against germs and bacteria. The function of sneezing is to cleanse our nasal passages from irritants such as allergens and microbes.


#3 Stretch to warm your body and improve your energy levels.

Every morning when we wake up, we feel overpowered by a strong urge to stretch out our body. And apart from feeling so good and relaxing, it turns out that there are several benefits associated with the act itself. Stretching is shown to improve blood flow to our muscles, reducing stiffness and even improving our mood.


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