Women Gets Dumped by Text and Gets Awesome Revenge at Football Game

There’s nothing quite like getting revenge on someone who wronged you, especially when it’s an ex. Sure, getting revenge on a crappy car …

#1 Sports Relationships

It’s said that a couple that roots for the same teams together will stay together. But what happens when someone in the relationship breaks up with the other person, just shy of Christmas? Well, this girl has a story to tell…

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#2 Looking for Revenge

Getting sweet, sweet revenge on someone is one of the best feelings — especially when it’s justified. This gal was shocked when her FIANCE broke up with her just day before Christmas. And it’s not even the holiday season that makes it heartbreaking, but he did it over a text message. The woman’s name is Brenna Clanton.

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#3 Going Viral

Twitter user Alex McDaniel took a photo and the tweet quickly went viral with hundreds of impressions and retweets. Not only did she get broken up with, but she had just bought them tickets to a Cowboys game for Christmas! Her sign said that he should have waited AFTER Christmas!

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