12 Of The Funniest Things Ever Spotted On A Plane

Anyone else spotted something like this while they were on a plane?

Flying on a plane is always an interesting experience. However, it’s something many of us have gotten us to over the years as flying has become easier, quicker, and often cheaper than other means of transport.

I’m not a frequent flyer, so I still find it incredible that we’re flying in the air. Something that we would have only dreamt about centuries ago.

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However, because flying is an easily accessible mode of transportation, it’s become rampant with oddities you wouldn’t imagine seeing while on a play. People dressed in bags, tourists who are flying for the first time, and babies who aren’t enjoying the wonders of flying.

Now, I understand crying babies don’t make for good company on the plane, it certainly gives you something to talk about once you’ve landed.

Here are some of the strangest and funniest things you’ll ever see while on a plane.


While most flights are fine, occasionally you will be faced with a monster who thinks it’s ok to touch your knee at random intervals.

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Who takes their shoes off in a plane? Boy, that must have been a long and smelly flight!

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Open for business, but business isn’t booming.

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Well, that’s got me worried!

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