2-Year-Old Boy Single-Handedly Saves His Twin Brother From Under The Dresser That Fell On Him

He doesn’t give up.

Toddlers may be little but they sure do have huge imaginations at that age, they can be way more resourceful than you’d expect them to be. This story is a heroic tale about a two-year-old who saved his own brother’s life. 

I was amazed by how fast this little boy was able to think on his feet. 

via: auntyacid

The distressing ordeal was caught on camera. In the video, you will see how this little boy doesn’t give up on his brother who is struggling under the weight of some drawers that have fallen over on top of him.

The kids parents were upstairs when the accident happened and came to know about it only after they had watched the security cameras. Safe to say, they were astonished. 

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