Delivery Driver Showers Pensioner With Gifts After Learning That She Lost Her Husband

Linda Heald certainly wasn’t expecting to find this in her shopping bag!

It’s a phrase often said when someone steps in to do the right thing, but in most cases, it’s true. Not all heroes wear capes. This hero actually wore a supermarket uniform.

via: auntyacid

After canceling half of her online grocery shop order the day after her husband passed away, Linda Heald, 66-years-old, was given the surprise of her life.

After learning the reason why Linda didn’t need all her grocery’s Liam Mellor, a Tesco delivery driver thought it would brighten her day to be showered with some gifts.

via: auntyacid

Just days before, Linda was devastated by the passing of her 68-year-old husband, David. He died the day before their 23rd wedding anniversary on the 22nd of December.

via: auntyacid

Linda was given a card signed by staff, a box of chocolates, bottle of wine and flowers.

Linda ordered the shopping in preparation of their anniversary but decided to send some of it back when David passed away. This kicked the supermarket into action.

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